A day in the life….

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College is starting to settle a little. Got crazy there for a while with tests, midterms, and speeches.  So i thought now that it’s calmed down some i would write about a day in the life.  The University of Iowa provides me with a new interesting experience everyday pretty much.  Like watching Family Guy in my Speaking and reading class, or watching a russian vampire movie call “The Night Watch” for slavic folklore.  But some days, things just seem to stand out more than others.  Last week i was waiting at the bus stop when a guy walked into the covering wearing… a utility belt? No that’s a kilt… NOOOOO it’s a Utili-Kilt.


This glorious piece of attire wreaked of awesome. I just couldn’t help but slowly lower my phone to my side and snap a shot JUST for future blog material.  I would also like to note that it was about 35-40 degrees out that day.  Drafty ??? Probably. I think the kilt just goes to prove that every person is unique and thats what i am growing to love about humanity.  It brings sheer awe/joy to me to know that Christ wired this guy to like kilts and work boots and beards.  It’s awesome how each person is wired with their own individuality.  But yeah… people are awesome

This brings me to something that happened yesterday.  Everyone knows there is that one kid in each class who is just like ridiculously smart and doesn’t have to try.  Little did mr. smart know what kind of action he was going to get in slavic folklore yesterday.  OH MAN! We got our tests back from last week.  Have to admit i was a little nervous.  Can you tell me what the 3 main functions of the Russian headdress are? Didn’t think so. But i can! (I fail to see how this knowledge will ever help me but oh well…)  But back to mr. smart.  He scored a perfect 100 which is pretty awesome. Gratz to him.  But when the teacher gave him his paper, she said “you! i must kiss you, your work is so good.”  And did she. Oh yes! So i sat there and watched my college professor lay a nice big wet one right on this students cheek who was at this point turning BEET RED.  It was priceless. Never in my life did i think i would know someone involved in a student teacher relationship …  let alone witness one! No i’m kidding.  But seriously, it was awesome.  Anyway thats all for today. Maybe more later.


Thought of the day: If Adam and Eve had not sinned, what would our poop look like….?

Favorite phrase for today: Sic Parvis Magna


Football and My Brain is … melting

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So yesterday i had the privilege of getting to go to my very first Iowa Hawkeyes game.  I’m a student and the University so you would think I would be totally into it.  Unfortunately college sports don’t really get me going.  But i figured “hey, it’s homecoming and it’s free for me to go.  so, why not?”  Now there’s something any non-Iowa people should know.  Because Iowa doesn’t have any professional sports teams… and yes that’s no pro sports teams for ANY sporting event, we or I should say “they” are EXTREMELY passionate about their college sports.  Specifically football.  Anyway, back to my story.  I was sitting in the stands just kind of trying to get a feel for the atmosphere which really if anyone has been around a bunch of people that are inebriated then you basically have experience an Iowa football game atmosphere.  Watching players do their stretches and warming up was pretty cool.  The coordination i must say was rather impressive.  Whistle blows indicated switching to the next stretch and so on.

Then came the first play of the game.  Iowa was recieving and the crowd was just bonkers.  Great they started to move up the field.  Except there was 1 slight problem.  That “moving up the field” lasted approximately 30 seconds.  Play #2, down, set, hike! back to pass and OHHHHHHHHH intercepted.  Michigan runs it in for a touchdown.  Now for someone who doesn’t really care about the outcome of the game this was actually pretty funny.  I was however surrounded by a bunch of people wearing black and gold.  I think if i would have let my laughter from that play escape my mouth i probably A) wouldn’t have much mouth to laugh with anymore or B) i wouldn’t be typing this cause all my fingers would be broken.  But yeah the game kept going and it was fun and entertaining but something strange happened in the 4th quarter.  I noticed myself actually cheering.  I didn’t really think much of it at the time but on the way back to the car i was thinking to myself  “i haven’t done something like that since the last world cup…”, which by the way, the world cup is hands down the most entertaining sporting event on planet earth to watch.  That’s fact also.  Just thought you should know, but yeah, I remember at one point even yelling “C’MON RICKY!!!”

I guess between the drunk guy hugging my brother and the lady behind me who sounded like the mom from the movie transformers screaming and dissecting ever play (and by sounded like her i mean it probably could have been her) i had a ton of fun.  I may even try to get to another game.



So that brings me to today.  Studying for a Computer Science midterm and as we all know… that’s some pretty serious business.  Also on top of that i’m studying for a Slavic folklore test, a math quiz, and a Issues in Medieval Society midterm.  So as you can imagine I’m using this post as break from that in order to allow my brain to solidify again.  I’m trying to find the best way describe how my mind feels right now but i think this picture will illustrate it best for you…


Thats all for today folks. Have a blessed evening and stay safe!

Random thought of the day:  “Good beginnings don’t guarantee happy endings.”


Computer Science…. It’s Serious!

•October 9, 2009 • 1 Comment

angry-computer-guy22 So this morning before computer science class, i like to get there a little early for a good seat, i heard some commotion at the front of the room. Apparently 2 students had told the teacher they could not take the mid-term at the time he selected. He lost it. Started saying how it’s their own fault because it was in the syllabus the first day of class and it was their own responsibility to reserve the time for the mid-term. My first thought was “wow i’m glad that’s not me.” And then class started. HOLY COW! He was so irate he basically insulted the 120 students present for about an hour. I think the part where it started being funny was when he asked if we would like him to put a google map to the building so that we could all make it to the building on time. It took everything within me to not just burst into laughter. Computer Science I …. you better take it serious or else.

So then i had a 3 hour break. Did some homework, ate lunch, ya know, that usual stuff you do to kill time. My second class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is a class called Slavic Folklore. The teacher makes it entertaining to say the least. But today she seemed to be a little different. She usually has us go around the class and read a powerpoint. Each person reads 1 slide. It’s rather confusing to some. And the part that tops it off is some students who obviously need glasses never wear them and sit in the back row. So today i think she had just had enough of that. Any student who was struggling to see the words on the projector she very quickly would pipe up and say “oh my, it’s terrible! You never learned how to read. Next please.” Now read that with the most authentic russian accent you can muster.

I’m not sure what got into the teachers today but man i gotta say. It has made for an entertaining afternoon. I think really the only thing that could top it off would be my math teacher to start just randomly yelling or dropping things. She broke chalk on the blackboard once and it scared her half to death once so maybe i can enjoy another smirk from something like that today. It would top off what has already been a very entertaining day.

Random Thought of the day (or rather note to self):
Don’t piss off your computer science teacher and know how to read… aka bring your glasses.


Short and sweet

•October 8, 2009 • 1 Comment

I’m waiting for my speaking & reading class to start. It’s a pretty generic class and the title of the class describes basically everything we do. I was in my Issues of Medieval Society midterm review chat when my teacher thought it’d be clever to throw in this little snippet of opinion that really had nothing to do with the discussion at hand. It always cracks me up when this happens

“so the Crusades weren’t the first marriage of Christianity and violence, nor the last, eh?”

Why is that necessary? *shrug* oh well.

and before i leave i’m going to give you my random thought of the day:

It was only a matter of time until rain boots became a fashion statement.


Homework Blues

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I’m between classes right now and i must say, I’m beginning to get restless. I don’t have any homework to do and i only have about 50 minutes of battery life left for the day. I really wish one of my teachers would give us a fun project to do. Most of the homework for the first 8 weeks of class has all been reading and reading…. and more reading. Hasn’t been much for writing papers or computer science assignments.  I can’t really complain about this i guess. It allows me to waste time on here and allows me to make pointless decisions like which bow i should get…

I can’t decide. You should help me decide…

so pointless … i’m basically using this as a test of the poll system so don’t take it too serious. (the test obviously failed because it constantly adds the “other” category.)

oh and i should remind everyone, MOvember starts next month. Thank you David for the heads up.


First Post

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Well this is just a test post of the new blog. I’m sitting in the old cap. mall right now drinking an Apple Chai Infusion from Starbucks, on a MacBook Pro, and listening to music on my Microsoft Zune….. i wonder how many brands i can advertise over the next 3 hours i have between now and my next class. Consumerism at it’s best right.  If you were to read the about me right now you’d probably scratch your head. That’s ok, i am too. Anyway, i have to get back to studying.

Random thought of the day: “the way to understand a system [you could insert just about anything for the word ‘system’] is to discover what breaks it”